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It is not surprising that companies want to take their time and make good decision when evaluating and selecting cyber security technology. Unfortunately, teams will frequently fall into few patterns of behavior that often make things more difficult over the course of the project or long term.

  • Technology looking for a problem – This occurs when you have a great technology solution that teams are excited to implement but no one is sure of why they’re doing it. Lack of clear pain points and business drivers are the main reason for this issue.
  • Misalignment strategy or priorities – Too often multiple teams working at cross purpose with conflicting objectives such as different goals, priorities and expected outcomes. Different group of people from different departments need to have clear objectives and clear directions when working together to solve problem.
  • We already know the answer – Sometimes organization bring in new team from outside to start new cyber security initiatives and highly-skilled, experienced professionals to lead the project. These individuals past success automatically leads them to advocate a particular technology without evaluating if the current state or organizations pain points can be addressed by same technologies.
  • Stuck in current technology investment – Employing technology standards is a key to any enterprise architecture but sometimes organization get stuck in a rut with a technology in their current portfolio. Too many times users or branch offices asked to leverage on “enterprise standard” when it doesn’t always meet the need or objective behind the request.

Whatever reason it may be, learn how Fálaina can help your business better than others.

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